Hope. Help. Healing.

Hope. Help. Healing.

It is easy for both client and therapist to be drawn into the wish for a quick solution to life’s troubles. This is intensified because usually the person seeking therapy is in a lot of pain or distress. But if, like in writing, you come to therapy seeking the truth and want to make changes that are real and lasting, then you’ve got to do it the Lamott way.

(a reference to Anne Lamott, author)

A 45-minute session is the size of a one-inch picture frame. The work of that 45-minute session is to discover, describe, and understand the psychological life of the client with as much clarity and detail as the two of you putting your heads together can.

We offer a lower cost OPTIONS program. If you are interested in more details about the program, take a look under the “Services” tab above. (Spanish Speaking available with trainee Ruth Rodriguez)

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